All the Fixins


I love living social. Yes looove it. It gives you a chance to try something you normally wouldn’t for a cheaper price. Which allows you to figure out if you really want to jump out the window with the product or service at the full price next time.

Well, I’m always looking for creative ways to show my sweets I appreciate him but in a creative way. I ran across that chance when I saw all the fixins promotional for a personal chef to come to your home and cook a 5 course meal (note the deal was amazing).


The process was rather smooth when preparing for our special night. I emailed Jamie Story the head chef to find out her availability and to choose what items we would be eating that night. To my surprise Jamie had a wide variety of choices on her menu (below is what we choose).


Our Menu

Pear Pizza Wedges

Pork and Pear Sauté with Lemon Vodka Sauce

Sautéed Asparagus

Feta Mashed Potatoes

Maple Bacon Cupcake

In addition the services consist of all groceries included, prep, service, and clean up. She can provide all serving dishes and plates for an extra fee. As well as can a tablecloth and candles at no extra charge.

Jamie was very friendly while preparing the food and it was great to hear the other services that she provided. It was even better watching someone else cook in your kitchen and knowing you didn’t have to clean anything afterwards.


To my surprise the pear pizza wedges was a favorite and after much convincing Zo tried the maple bacon cupcake. I also appreciated that while she cooked she asked how we liked our pork cooked. She really aimed to please! Overall the experience was a 10 and I would recommend this to everyone.


*If you aren’t a fan of cooking during the holidays or you want to host a dinner party idea.



Zo & Shy


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